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Letters of Recommendation - Typical Situations

As defined on the main page of this Web site, letters of recommendation tend to deal with a specific situation, and are always addressed to a particular addressee.

Typical situations for which recommendation letters are often required include: employment applications, college and university program admission applications, scholarship application submissions, commendation letters, recognition letters, and performance evaluation letters.

Here are some situations for which letters of recommendation are usually required:
  • Someone asks you to write a letter of recommendation on their behalf to cover any one of the situations listed in the above paragraph.

  • You need a letter of recommendation for admission to a particular college or university program and will ask someone else to write the letter on your behalf.

  • As a supervisor or manager you are required to write a performance evaluation letter about, and addressed to, one of your employees.

  • Your boss asks you to draft your own performance evaluation letter which he/she will revise and finalize.

  • You have been asked by a prospective employer to supply specific letters of recommendation from previous employers.

  • As a teacher or professor you have been asked by a student to write a letter of recommendation to support their application for a program of studies or a job.

  • You are a student, and the teacher or professor that you have asked to write your recommendation letter, wants you to prepare the first draft for their revision.

  • You need a letter of recommendation written on your behalf so that you may qualify for a particular college or university scholarship.

  • As a graduate medical student you need a letter of recommendation to help you get into that all-important residency program.

  • You have been asked to "supply letters of recommendation" before entry into a special training course or a post-graduate college or university program.

  • As a small business entrepreneur, you need specific letters of recommendation to present to potential creditors and investors.

  • You need a targeted letter of recommendation to obtain funds through a special limited entry scholarship program.

  • You are a business person and you need a professional letter of recommendation that you can show to prospective customers, suppliers, and/or financial partners.

  • You are a tenant and you need a specific letter of recommendation from your current/previous landlord that you can give to a potential new landlord.

  • You are seriously applying for a particular job and you need a specific letter of recommendation to show to your prospective employer.

  • As a supervisor, you would like to write a letter of commendation or recognition for an employee who has done something outstanding.

  • You are involved in community service and have been asked by a committee chair person to write a letter of recommendation about someone who has been nominated.

  • You are interested in running for public office and you need a specific letter of recommendation to include with your application.

This is not an exhaustive list of all possible letter of recommendation situations, but it covers a representative cross-section of the types of circumstances for which these letters are usually required.

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Note: If you think that your recommendation letter situation doesn't really fit with any of the above examples, you might want to check out some of the typical Letters of Reference which are listed elsewhere on this site.
Typical Reference Letter Situations

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