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Based on my experience over the years writing literally thousands of letters covering just about every situation imaginable, I would have to say that "letters of recommendation" are among the most difficult to write, of all types of letters.

I'm referring here to the "letter of recommendation" in all of its various forms, including: recommendation letter, letter of recommendation, commendation letter, letter of commendation, recognition letter, letter of recognition, and performance evaluation letter.

Of course, it gets extra tricky when you realize that letters of recommendation are needed for a number of different life situations and purposes including: employment, college/university, business, institutional, government, and community service.

REMEMBER, letters of recommendation are ALWAYS important because they deal with someone's future, business or personal - either yours or someone else's. So if you're going to write one, make sure you take the time and trouble to get it right. If you aren't willing or able to do that, let someone else do it.

Should you decide to write a letter of recommendation on your own, there are some basic tips and techniques of which you need to be aware if you hope to write a suitable and effective letter. So, what I have done here is put together this little "letter of recommendation resource page" containing links to the various resources on this Web site that are specific to the writing of the various forms of a letter of recommendation.

For each resource, I'll briefly describe what you will find there, followed by the link.

Letter of Recommendation Resources

Letters of Recommendation Defined
If you just arrived at this page and aren't really sure whether you need to write a letter of recommendation or a letter of reference, or some derivative thereof, you should check out the main page on this Web site for some clear definitions.
Basic Definitions

Recommendation Writing Tips and Strategies
Letters of recommendation are situational by their very nature. This page contains a number of tips and guidelines to follow when considering whether you will write a recommendation letter, and what your approach might be.
Writing Tips and Strategies

Recommendation Power Phrases
All letters of recommendation are comprised of three key components: opening statements, assessment statements, and closing statements. This article explains those components and provides examples.
Power Phrases

Letter of Recommendation Samples
This page contains links to some sample letters of recommendation that you can use as examples when drafting your own letters.
Sample Letters

Recommendation Resource Alerts
Every day, Google adds new Web and News resources related to recommendation letters and letters of recommendation to its index. This page contains those latest recommendation Google Alerts.
Google Alerts

Instant Recommendation Letter Kit
If you're looking to fast-track the writing of any type of recommendation letter you'll want to check out the latest Revised Edition of Instant Recommendation Letter Kit - How to Write Winning Letters of Recommendation. It includes 79 fully-formatted templates that you can download straight into your word processor and work with right away.
Instant Recommendation Letter Kit

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